Here at Favour Farm we take pride in bringing you the finest flavoured e-liquid available. Our mission is to provide you with an exquisite flavour along with following all the correct processes with no corners cut. Many companies cut these corners which will not allow the flavour to reach its maximum potential we do NOT, therefore with our steeping processes our flavours are enhanced to the next degree bringing them to maximum potential.

Not only do we follow all correct protocol to bring you a truly divine experience but we use the latest methods in mixing technology to ensure everything is mixed up correctly to a professional standard. This is done by using a method called Ultrasonic something that little producers of E-liquid actually do. This leaves no room for disappointment due to this method there is no better way to ensure your flavours are fully mixed. We also believe that the 70VG/30PG USP grade mix is the very best for the flavour enhancement, we have gone through vigorous testing to ensure this is the perfect balance for Flavour and cloud production along with keeping a much needed smooth vape every single time. 

Enjoy Flavour Farm the place where flavour matters.


For any questions please email admin@flavourfarm.com